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Friday, January 20, 2012

Pioneer Woman

The Pioneer Woman is my new favourite website for recipes. It's an American site so some conversion and substitution is necessary but the recipes are easy - and fun! - to follow with plenty of images. The other day I made this grilled chicken with lemon and basil pasta using, of course, lemons and basil from the garden. The gorgeous smell in my kitchen from the lemon juice and chopped basil alone was worth the effort.

Another 'simple living' website I've recently discovered is Down to Earth which has heaps of ideas and a forum for like-minded individuals on living sustainably.

Yesterday I picked the first apple from our Ballerina apple tree. Everyone was keen to have a taste. I thought it was a little tart - good for cooking - but the kids happily ate their slices. There's several more on the tree close to being ready for harvesting so apples are one thing we can cross off the grocery list this week.

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