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Monday, June 13, 2011

You are my sunshine

This is my first Winter as a veggie gardener and I have discovered, somewhat sadly, that the garden does not get much sunlight during the colder months. This is in part due to fences and neighbouring building but even when the sun is at it's highest, it's blocked out by a large gum tree in a neighbour's garden. Consequently things are growing very very slowly.

So mostly I'm using herbs and the occasional stalk of celery for flavouring. And the other night I harvested a first chilli for chilli con carne. It's quite a hot variety, I only used half but it still had quite a kick. Also a couple of potatoes for cottage pie.

There are lots of peas and bean and snowpea plants growing but nothing to harvest as yet. I'm still getting a few cherry tomatoes but mostly they need ripening on the sill. It's easy to see why jams, preserves and chutneys originated. I havested most of the basil to make basil pesto and froze some for when I need a taste of summer.

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