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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tomatoes again

Tonight's dinner - currently cooking - is home-made chicken pizza with basil, capsicum and tomatoes from the garden. Smells delicious. My basil plant is doing wonderfully - must be loving all the sunshine. Sadly the dill didn't make it.

I've got several 'sugar snack' cherry tomatoes in two different beds that are producing regularly. At least, I think they're sugar snack - I've been a bit lapse with my labelling. In the original bed is a Grosse Lisse which is the one I've had insect issues with. There's also another that's just begun producing delicious, golf-ball sized tomatoes that don't need bagging. Unfortunately I've misplaced the tag for it because I'd defintely plant them again. I think I've mentioned before that I'm not a big fan of tomatoes but these ones I'll eat straight off the plant. I think they were 'Tiny Tom' but the plant has easily grown a metre and a half so perhaps not. Maybe I should have a go at harvesting some seeds from the fruit and propogating my own. There's also a self-seeded seedling from one of the tomato plants that I'll leave for now and see what eventuates.

Am having a bit of trouble working out what to do with all these tomatoes. I suppose I could make chutney but I'm not a big fan of chutney either. I might have a go at making some homemade tomato sauce.

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